Many people have asked for help providing their dog with a Native Alaskan name. Here we've listed some suggestions from four different Alaska native languages.


Some of these names were provided by Leona Okakok and are typical dog names used by Inupiat people of the North Slope. Some other names were taken from the Inupiat Dictionary, compiled by Webster & Zibell.


kinguyakkii  'northern lights'
maguyuk  'howler'
miki  'little'
nanuq  'polar bear'
pakak  'one that gets into everything'
pamiiruq  'wags his tail'
pukiq  'smart'
qannik  'snowflake'
qimmiq  'dog'
qimukti  'puller'
siku  'ice'
suka  'fast'
tupit  'tatto lines on face'
amaguq  'wolf'



Central Yup'ik

Central Yup'ik is the Alaskan language spoken by the greatest number of people--about 15,000. The Central Yup'ik people live on the western central coast of Alaska around Norton Sound and Bristol Bay, and inland some distance along the rivers of the area.


arrluk  'killer whale'
cikuq  'ice'
cupun  'coal'
ataneq  'king'
kuk'uq  'animal (child's word)'
mequssuk  'shaggy dog'
negiliq  'parka ruff'
panik  'daughter'
pukulria  'bone chewer'
qimugkauyar  'puppy'
qimugta  'dog' (literally 'puller')
taqukaq  'grizzly bear'
tulukaruk  'crow'
tungulria  'black one'
yuralria  'dancing one'



Ahtna Athabascan

The Athna live along the Copper River basin in South Central Alaska. The words below are taken from the Ahtna Noun Dictionary, compiled by Mildred Buck and James Kari.


deniigi  'moose'
genen  'shaman'
kaskae  'chief'
saghani  'raven'
sesi  'snow'
sos  'bear'
tikaani  'wolf'
yakone'  'red aurora'



Popular Alaskan dog names
boys or girls

Akiak - brave
Amaguq - wolf
Ataneq - king
Balto -
Chinook - warm wind
Cikuq - ice
Cupun - coal
Desna - boss
Kaskae - chief
Kaya - stay and don't go back
K'eyush - bear cub
Miki - little
Nanook - cute or kind
Husky dog Nao -
Nanuk - polar bear
Nilak - chipped ice
Nini - porcupine
Pamiiruq - wags his tail
Pukiq - smart
Qannik - snowflake
Saghani - raven
Sweet - sweet
Sesi - snow
Shika -
Shila - flame
Shtiya - my strength
Siku - also means ice
Sos - bear
Suka - fast
Tikaani - wolf
Tupit - one with lines on his face
Ulva - wolf
Yuralria - dancing one

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